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OH&S Awareness Module

Course Overview - To provide participants with an understanding of the OHS Act 2004, for Managers, Supervisors to be aware of their legal responsibilities under the act.

Confined Spaces Awareness

Course Overview - To provide participants with an understanding of a Confined Spaces, and the legal requirements as per legislation and Australian Standards. To discuss the procedure required to enter a Confined Space and an overview of the equipment and techniques necessary to work safely in a confined space.

Outcome - On completion of this course, participants will be able to:-

  • Summarize the legislation requirements for confined space
  • Understand hazards that may be found in confined spaces,
  • Conduct a risk assessment for confined spaces
  • Recognise the need for correct isolation procedures
  • Recognise the need for, and conduct, a risk assessment
  • Determine the safety equipment to be used.

Note: This awareness course does not qualify participants to enter a confined space.

For the full  Confined Spaces Entrant Course visit www.confined-spaces.com.au .

This can be combined with a Breathing Apparatus Course (1Day).

Hazardous Substances Awareness

Course Overview - This course is intended to provide participants with an awareness of hazardous substances, an understanding of legislation and the procedures required to ensure compliance with legislation and Standards.

Outcome - On completion of this course, participants will be able to:-

  • Identify hazardous substances and maintain a register. Obtain and monitor Material Data Safety Sheets within the workplace.
  • Undertake risk assessments, apply a risk control measures, and to identify when it is necessary to undertake health surveillance.

Safe Working At Heights

This course in Safe Working at Heights has been designed for participants who are required to work at heights. This course will provide them the knowledge and skills to conform to legislative requirements, identify various height related work scenario's and know how best to respond to them. This course is applicable to Managers, Supervisors with responsibility for workers working at heights. It is most appropriate for workers who may be required to work at heights and use safety harnesses and fall arrest and restraint equipment. For more information on this course visit www.confined-spaces.com.au .

Course Outcomes - At the conclusion of this course, participants will competently demonstrate;

  • Selection of the most suitable type of fall prevention equipment
  • How to perform an inspection on fall prevention equipment prior to using
  • Determine when a piece of equipment should not be used and what to do about it
  • How to select a suitable anchorage point and how to safely use it
  • How to clean and store fall prevention equipment
  • Be aware of Legislation, Australian standards and Codes of Practice that exist in regard to working at heights and fall prevention equipment

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